The Metro Central Partnership is a new partnership initiative established in 2018 to bring the City of Cape Town, the Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) and other partners together on a common agenda of a more globally and locally connected Metro Central area, that generates new models for inclusive development.

We create partnership solutions for new ways of living in, moving through, working from and growing the Metro Central area of Cape Town.


Our work is informed by a transit-oriented approach to development of the Blue Downs Integration Zone where cross-sector partners, directed by the City’s statutory plan (IDP, SDF, BEPP) and other policies and strategies, are making investments. These investments offer an incredible opportunity for new ways of living in, moving through and working from the “metro central”, where ACSAs own ongoing investment in improved and expanded Air Access is already catalysing economic growth.

The City has a history of working with partnerships on area and sector development and emphasises the role of partners and Partnerships in its BEPP. Similarly, ACSA’s 2016 “Aerotropolis” feasibility study found that “no one individual player in this area has been strong enough to attract investment which restructures the city”.

The MCP is funded through a grant-in-aid of the City of Cape Town in accordance with Section 67 of the Municipal Financial Management Act (56 of 2003) and the City of Cape Town’s Grant-In-Aid Policy (revised 2016/17).

We were incubated over a 10 month period by the Western Cape Economic Development Partnership (EDP) who received an appointment from the City of Cape Town to conduct due diligence research, set up governance structures, engage stakeholders, and oversee the registration, branding and establishment of the MCP.

Following the incubation phase, we have appointed a small team of dynamic professionals who oversee our programmes and provide our services to key partners and stakeholders.



We create partnership solutions for new ways of living in, moving through, working from and growing the Metro Central area of Cape Town.



The main objectives of the MCP are to facilitate, encourage, align and coordinate the formation and establishment of effective strategic partnerships in relation to the Metro Central Area, for purposes of:

  • Unlocking the cross-sector collaboration required for integrated development of the Metro Central Area;
  • Assisting stakeholders in the Metro Central Area’s to better understand and add value to the established urban systems, while aligning individual efforts, experimental models and measurement; and
  • Convening, testing and learning in ways that improve the capacity of all stakeholders to implement complex transit-oriented development and management projects pertaining to the Metro Central Area

However, the MCP is not a

  • ‘consultancy’,
  • ‘service delivery vehicle’,
  • ‘municipal entity’, nor
  • ‘regulator’.