To stimulate inward investment by connecting enterprise development opportunities, market information and support/investment partners; working with sector bodies to unblock constraints to investment and/or access to local and global markets; ultimately contributing to income generation for residents in the metro central area and connected to opportunities generate by the AirAccess project and investments in the Blue Downs Integration Zone.


  • The EDP conducted a series of interviews with various SPVs and bodies, and hosted three “Economic Pathways” workshops to identify constraints to investment and enterprise development, and hosted four workshops on township economies. Various site visits have also been conducted. These reports are available on request.
  • There are several investment plans from various entities which requires local development coordination, convening and championing.
  • Some of these investment plans include the various agri-sector opportunities, Halaal Food Park (FFI), Technical Incubator (CPUT, DTI, TIA), industry grants (DTI and CCT development incentive policy), township economies support programmes as well as growth of inward facing service based informal and home-based businesses.