We are working towards the transformation of urban areas by an approach to planning and design that integrates the management of the entire urban water cycle into land use and development processes (or Water Sensitive Urban Design), potentially connecting spatial divisions through the development of ‘blue-green corridors’ to contribute to water security. In 2019 we are focusing on two programmes:

  • Industrial water users’ group: connecting industrial water users within the metro central area, specifically Blackheath and Airport Industria with relevant technical support and knowledge sharing for water efficiency
  • Kuilsriver collaborative: planning with and for rivers, including support to the City’s various planning teams working on Catchment Plans, River Maintenance Plans and Green Infrastructure Plans as well as community groups showing an active interest improving the river system at Wesbank.


  • Environmental stewardship of the Critical Biodiversity Areas within the project area requires a stakeholder engagement and management plan.
  • Water user groups in the Kuils River Catchment Area requires coordination and convening, with opportunities to implement decentralised water security that strengthens household resilience, public spaces and industrial processes.
  • GreenCape and Cape Nature have expressed interest in water security as well as wetland and biodiversity conservation in the area.
  • Industrial water users need water security for economic growth which requires healthy ecological infrastructure and collaboration between users to improve water efficiency.
  • A baseline assessment which reflects the basic needs of the community ensures the delivery of services in the different work streams that will make a measureable impact in the project area and will also allow for the measurement of impact over time.